The camp 2018

Les Deux Alpes, France.

From 22nd July to 26th August 2018
The lessons begin on Monday and end on Saturday, 6 days of intensive coaching from 9 am to the closing of the lifts.

Daily video coaching.
Make haste, the camp is open to a limited number of people!


 Forget the classic snowboard camp: too many people, too much confusion, too many schedules, too many rules ...

 The number of participants for each group is very limited to offer a higher level of learning.

 The Garden is a camp open to all levels, from beginner to pro.

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Some shots of the lessons are daily taken in order to benefit from additional adjustment trainings.

Our Testing Center featured by Union bindings and Capita, Dc and Funky snowboards allows you to test all 2018 latest for free.

Our laboratory totally focused on snowboard maintenance will help you to go faster than anyone!

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The Garden is also the hotbed for all the afternoon activities offered by The Garden’s Staff

Afternoon skateboard coaching, with access to the mini ski-ramps and The Garden’s private street area, to improve balance and reflexes, acrobatic lessons on trampolines to increase aerial coordination, training box and indo board to learn postures and movements on rails.

Arrivals are accepted after 15.00, on Sunday , at Chalet The Garden
You are requested to vacate the room by 10 A.M. of the next Sunday
Contact Us if you want to stay for a period lower or over than 7 days. We will find the perfect solution for you.


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